Robert Paetz Photography

About Us

Robert Paetz + Felicia Wong
We are individuals. We are adventurers. We are photographers.
We believe in Reason, Purpose and Self-Esteem.
We love each other. We love travel. We love taking pictures. (We also love food, but you didn't really need to know that, did you?).
We met while each traveling solo in Tibet, survived the dreaded long distance relationship (9,000 miles between Singapore and California!), then Rob proposed while we were traveling through Bolivia, we got married in Singapore, and now call Burbank, California, home. Phew. We travel all over the world for work & play, and love that our photography takes us places.
Speaking of places: we're currently saving up for our long-overdue honeymoon to India, and when we're not using up our passport pages, we enjoy taking refuge from our ever-growing family of Apple products in the National Parks and/or taking random roadtrips.
Tech Talk
We love our Primes (Felicia adds that she also loves Optimus Prime although that may not be relevant to this discussion) for a) the distinct quality they lend to our images, b) the magic they can work with just ambient light, and c) for the awesome workout that they give us, making sure we run back and forth.

You. And Us.
We don't see you as "just another couple" or one of the most significant days of your life as "just another wedding". You are a unique individual, a unique pairing, and we'd like to get to know you, let you get to know us, and hopefully you'll want us to create some awesome imagery for you too.
Questions, comments or just want to make our iPhones go 'bing!' because you can?:
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